This is the place to do the best work of your life.

Imagine: a place where work is both fun and inspiring, and every team member feels valued and adequately rewarded. That’s us.

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From a flexible work schedule to unlimited vacation days, we don’t talk just talk about a healthy work-life balance, we live it.


From in-person gatherings to online collaboration, we make a point of keeping our remote team well connected, engaged, and supported.


As a community of life-long learners, we encourage and support employees to grow and develop their potential.


While we maintain exceptionally high standards for our work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is short, so we encourage our team to enjoy the journey.

Leadership Characteristics

We’re a company led by ambitious do-ers, attentive listeners, and creative problem-solvers.

We believe that leadership is earned through action, and that everyone has the potential to cultivate their inner leader. Kambo offers career growth and development opportunities to ensure our hard-working team feels challenged, rewarded, and appreciated.


Leaders see the big picture. They articulate a clear and compelling direction that inspires results. They are committed to mentoring, coaching, and supporting others to realize their vision.

Champion Others

Leaders develop leaders. They see and elevate people’s strengths across the organization by creating the space for talents to shine.

Freedom and Follow Up

Leaders raise the bar and insist on exceedingly high standards for themselves and their team. They are accountable and deliver results. They build trust and empower others by holding them capable.

Gain Perspective

Leaders want to get it right rather than be right. They invite the right people to collaborate and insist that opinions and ideas are respectfully challenged. They are not afraid to get into the details to understand how they impact the big picture.

Courageous Communication

Leaders say the tough thing, not the easy thing. They listen intently and are clear and courageous in their communication. Leaders say what needs to be said, not what others want to hear. And when they make a mistake, they own it.

Better Yourself

Leaders are always upping their game. They are curious, highly self-aware, and constantly growing. Leaders encourage and challenge others to do the same.


Leaders value progress over perfection. They are decisive, determined, resilient, and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. They have a bias for action and take calculated risks.

Guided by Values


We strive to leave all things better than we find them, including ourselves, our company, and our world. We question the status quo and look to improve every day.


We’re a people first organization that embodies an infectious enthusiasm. We believe family, health, and career success should not be mutually exclusive.


We celebrate integrity and inspire trusting relationships by putting our clients' needs at the centre. We do what we say, and we take ownership of our mistakes to learn from them.

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