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Energy, climate, and home retrofit information and programming has historically underprioritized the unique needs and experiences of newcomer and immigrant communities.

From language barriers to a lack of trust in government or authorities, many communities across Canada and the United States experience hurdles that can make it challenging to participate in or benefit from existing programs. As a result, many newcomers and immigrant communities are unintentionally excluded from existing supports. Accessibility factors often rooted in the design and delivery of well-intentioned programs have left these communities at a disadvantage when it comes to improving the safety and efficiency of their homes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving money.

Empower Me applies an equity-lens in the design and delivery of our programs. We work closely with community members to understand their specific needs and experiences. This approach to equitable programming has created multi-solving benefits, including energy poverty reduction, inclusive climate solutions, and job creation. 

Energy Poverty Reduction

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Energy poverty affects approximately 1 in 5 Canadians.

In Canada, the median household spends less than 3% of after-tax income on meeting their home energy needs. When a household spends 6% or more of their income on home energy needs, they are considered to be living in energy poverty.

Empower Me helps reduce energy poverty by educating communities on efficient energy use and providing actionable strategies to reduce home costs.


Many studies have shown that living in energy poverty can lead to adverse health effects and tough compromises.

Providing participants with tools and knowledge ultimately empowers immigrant and newcomer communities to improve their physical and emotional well-being by making behavioural changes or applying for the right support.


Educating communities about energy, climate, and home safety enhances community resilience and well-being.

Participants are empowered to make informed decisions about energy and their homes. From enhancing people’s sense of inclusion and belonging, to helping communities adapt in the face of changing environmental conditions, education plays a key role in strengthening communities.

Reducing GHG Emissions

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Everyone has a role to play in building the low-carbon economy.

Over 100 countries, including Canada and the United States, have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. To meet this monumental task, all members of society will be impacted and have a role to play. 

Empower Me helps immigrants and newcomers engage in important emissions-reducing climate initiatives.

Living-wage Jobs

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Canada has one of the highest rates of immigration per population in the world.

The newcomer experience is multi-faceted and complex, with many immigrants learning to navigate new ways of life, including how to live in a new home, engage in new culture, and secure work in an unfamiliar environment.

Empower Me creates living-wage jobs for members of underrepresented communities. These are often their first jobs upon arriving in Canada.

2023 Annual Impact Report

Learn more about how Kambo is reducing energy poverty, accelerating decarbonization, and improving housing in traditionally underserved communities.

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