Champion Successes – Amir Reza Saidi

Do you know what keeps you warm at night?

For many newcomers, it is a mystery. Amir Reza Saidi met our Energy Mentor, Mehrdad, at Calgary’s Nowruz festival. When he first met Mehrdad, he was really interested in learning more about what Empower Me does and how we could help him save energy.

Mehrdad visited Amir, along with both of his parents, at his home. They recently moved from Iran to Canada and were not aware of how to save energy in their home. Mehrdad explained to him, in Farsi, that most Canadian households use natural gas to keep their homes warm during the winter. While doing his home walk through, Mehrdad found several draft around the house and explained to Amir how to install weatherstripping to reduce heat loss.

Mehrdad also showed Amir how to check his water temperature using the water temperature card provided in Empower Me’s Energy Savings Kit. He found that their water temperature was set slightly higher than the recommended 55 degrees. It wasted unnecessary energy, and was also a potential safety issue for them. Upon learning these tips, Amir changed his temperature to 55 degrees.

Amir’s experience with Mehrdad and Empower Me helped this newcomer to Canada save energy in his new home, explained in his own language. Now Amir is saving money on his utilities bill and is much more comfortable in his home.

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