Champion Successes – Ardell Clark-Tronnes

Ardell Clark-Tronne and her family had already begun to make their home more energy efficient by installing a programmable thermostat, insulating their hot water pipes, using low-flow products, and having a few LED light bulbs installed. However, Ardell was concerned about drafts and had heard Empower Me could provide her with helpful information.

When our Energy Mentor Moe visited Ardell, he went through Empower Me’s Energy Saving Kit and provided her with energy saving tips for reducing her energy bills and making her home more comfortable.

As Moe went through Ardell’s home, he uncovered that she needed receptacle draft stops for her basement and weather stripping for the garage entry door to help with her concerns about drafts.

Ardell commented that our water temperature card was very helpful as she has children and grandchildren in her home and she was concerned about the water temperature being a hazard for them. Overall Moe’s visit helped her to feel more comfortable and safe in her home.

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