Champion Successes – Hanson Tsui

When the Empower Me team visited Hanson Tsui for a Home Assessment for the Home Upgrades Program, Hanson noted that his master bedroom was colder than the rest of the house and he didn’t know why. Also, when the furnace was on, the basement and laundry room were very hot.

Our team uncovered that there was a disconnected pipe from the furnace to the laundry room which was causing most of the heat to be wasted and preventing it from travelling to the upper levels of the home. Hanson had never noticed that there was a disconnected pipe and was happy to find out what was causing his problem.

Our team reconnected the pipe, sealed the pipe hole in the laundry rooms, and covered two air vents in the basement. We also upgraded Hanson’s manual thermostat to a programmable thermostat to save energy and installed a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm for his safety.

Hanson is now warmer and more comfortable in his home and understands more about energy conservation and efficiency. A win-win!

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