Champion Successes – Jaclyn

While doing a Home Visit our Energy Mentor Jaclyn noticed that the family’s home had already been upgraded with energy saving appliances and was in great condition. However, despite this the family’s utility bills were very high.

During the home visit, Jaclyn found that the water temperature for the house was set at 60 ℃. This is much higher than necessary and is a safety problem as it can burn the skin. Jaclyn recommended the family lower their water temperature to not only stay safe, but to also save energy.

As she continued the home visit, Jaclyn noticed that there was an average of 8-10 light bulbs in each bathroom, consuming more energy than the family needs. The family mentioned that they spend more than 2 hours in the bathroom. Jaclyn suggested another way to save energy was to reduce the number of light bulbs to 4-5 in each bathroom.

The family was very happy to hear Jaclyns feedback and advice. Now they understand that little details will help them save energy, making their home safer and more comfortable.

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