Champion Successes – Jaclyn Cai

When Jaclyn visited a Champion’s home, she noticed that the house was upgraded with energy saving products and the home was in great condition. However, she noticed that the Champion’s utility bill was higher than average. During the home visit, Jaclyn uncovered that the Champion did her laundry very often and used the dryer each time.

For the Champion, this was a long term habit and not something that is easy for her to change. Jaclyn explained to the Champion the cost of her habit, how much water she is wasting, and the effects on her natural gas and electricity. Jaclyn suggested that she reduce the number of times she does her laundry and hang dry her clothes instead of using the dryer. The Champion agreed that she needed to make these changes.

Jaclyn is very proud of the Champion for taking the first steps to making a change, it is not easy to break a habit.

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