Champion Successes – My My Tran

Think you have leaky windows? You are not alone.

When the Empower Me team first visited My My, she immediately told Deborah (our Cantonese speaking Energy Mentor) about her issue. There was quite a bit of water condensation on her windows and she was worried about the possibility and potential for mold.  

With many houseplants and fish tanks in My My’s house, there was significantly more moisture than a typical Calgarian household. Coupled with a humidifier and closed window blinds, heavy water condensation began to form on the windows. She contacted Empower Me because she thought that she needed to replace all of her windows, which was an expense she could not afford as the sole breadwinner who was responsible for taking care of her sick family.  

The Empower Me team was able to resolve the issue with a quick and easy fix – turning down her humidifier and encouraging her to keep her blinds open to allow warm air to travel through.

My My no longer needed to worry about changing her windows, and was able to learn a trick or two to make her feel more comfortable in her house!

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