Champion Successes – Sau Lan Chan

When the Empower Me Home Upgrades Program team arrived at Sau Lan Chan’s home, they discovered that she had a manual thermostat, was using incandescent light bulbs, and didn’t know much about energy efficiency.

Our team replaced her manual thermostat with one that is programmable. At first she was hesitant about using a programmable thermostat, but quickly ‘warmed’ to the idea after our team showed her how to use it efficiently. We also switched her incandescent bulbs to LED to save energy and money.

At the end of the Home Assessment, Jaclyn Cai, our Energy Mentor, went through our Energy Savings Kit and focused on the sink and kitchen swivel aerators, LED night light, and temperature cards. She also shared energy saving tips and showed Sau Lan Chan how to read her energy bills.

Sau Lan Chan is very happy with her Home Assessment and feels much more comfortable in her home and how to be more energy efficient.

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