Champion Successes – Serena States

Serena has lived in an older rental home with her young son for three years. When our team arrived for a home assessment Serena was very welcoming, understood why we were there, and was very accommodating to the questions we were asking her. As we went through our education portion of the visit, she was very engaged and asked a lot of good questions regarding her home and our process, and the about the contents of the energy saving kit we provided. It was clear that the contents of the kit were valuable to Serena, as she wanted to know what each item did, and how it was to be installed, which we happily shared – even completing a few of the items for her.

During the walkaround assessment of the home, we were able to help her with complimentary upgrades such as the installation of LED light bulbs, smoke detectors with CO for safety (none were in the house), a new furnace filter, a low-flow showerhead in the bathroom, and a new programmable thermostat to help keep the home comfortable for Serena and her son.

Serena had many concerns regarding heat loss and energy consumption noting the bedrooms were cold and drafty, causing her and her son to move out of the rooms on some of the colder days of the year. We provided some education around ducting and vents, window weather stripping, and optimal home temperatures.

It is clear that when we make these home visits, people appreciate the service and there is always a difference to be made.

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