Champion Successes – Stephen Chiu

Stephen Chiu became an Empower Me Energy Champion at one of our Energy Savings Workshop and requested a home visit after attending the workshop. Stephen told our Energy Mentor, Jaclyn Cai, that the showering time in his home was nearly an hour because of his daughter and she did not want to shorten her showers. Jaclyn explained to the family the amount of water and energy that is wasted during long showers and the impact on the environment. Stephen’s daughter was surprised by this information and is now taking shorter showers.

Stephen also informed Jaclyn that there is mold on their ceiling and it is getting worse with water dripping down their window. Jaclyn passed this information to our Home Upgrades team and found that the roof and attic caused the mold on the ceiling, both the roof and attic need to be replaced and a ventilation system installed.

Stephen now knows that replacing his roof and attic are his first priority and appreciated the work Empower Me did in finding the problem in his home.

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