Champion Successes – Wing Kwan

Wing Kwan and her husband have lived in Calgary for over 20 years. Jaclyn Cai, our Energy Mentor, visited Wing and her husband with the Empower Me team for a home assessment in Cantonese.

During the home assessment, the team noticed there was no smoke or carbon monoxide alarm in the basement, the upper level alarm was old, they were using a manual thermostat, the furnace filter was dirty, and there were no LED light bulbs in the home.

Wing Kwan and her husband were leaving to Hong Kong for three months and had some concerns about being away from their home. Last time the family went on their trip, they asked neighbours to turn up the heat so the pipes wouldn’t burst during the winter.

Our team showed the family how to shut everything off and installed a programmable thermostat to help manage and reduce their energy while they’re away.

The family wasn’t aware they could save energy while being away from home. They were very happy with their home assessment and now feel more comfortable in their home. The team will be seeing them again for their second home visit for more upgrades when they return from their trip.

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