Champion Successes – Yan Ren

Yan Ren’s family qualified for the Home Upgrades Program based on their household income and existing burdens with their energy bills. On Oct 17th, 2018, our team completed a home assessment at Yan Ren’s house and educated the family on how to save energy long-term.

When the Empower Me team arrived, right away you could see a happy family in a well-loved home. With her dancing baby in hand, Yan Ren navigated us through her kids’ art and many plants showing some of the concerns they have been facing in the winters; all with a smile on her face.

During the home assessment, Jaclyn our Energy Mentor, helped Yan Ren read and understand her utility bills in her language. As Yan Ren said, “the utility bill has always been an unsolved puzzle to me”. Our team upgraded the existing manual thermostat to a programmable one to improve their home’s energy efficiency. We changed their furnace filter, provided a new smoke alarm and also a carbon monoxide detector for their safety.

Yan Ren and her family were very happy and appreciated our help and cannot wait to tell their friends about Empower Me.

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