Champion Successes – Yetunde

After attending an Energy Savings Workshop at the Canadian Women’s Immigrant Association, Yetunde invited our Energy Mentor Clarence to her home to help her improve her energy efficiency.

Yetunde had moved to Canada from South Africa only three months prior to attending our workshop. As a newcomer, Yetunde was amazed by the Energy Savings Workshop as it helped her understand Energy Savings in Canada.

Yetunde informed Clarence that her hot water tank dial only had an ABCD setting and no temperature dials. She would continually turn the settings up and down when she needed hot water which was wasting energy. Clarence  was able to help Yetunde work out the correct settings using the water temperature card that is included in Empower Me’s Energy Savings Kit.

Yetunde and her family are now able to live more comfortably at home by not having to change the settings on the dial on their hot water tank, saving time and money.

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