EPCOR and Empower Me Partner

EPCOR and Empower Me partner to help diverse Albertan communities save energy

Empower Me program offers education and language support with a focus on newcomers

Edmonton, AB – EPCOR’s partnership with Empower Me, Alberta’s first energy efficiency program designed specifically for, and delivered by, diverse communities, officially launches this month.

Empower Me is a free education and energy conservation program that will help Alberta’s multilingual and multicultural communities to understand their utility bills and services, save energy and make their homes more comfortable.

Empower Me Alberta focuses on helping diverse communities access important energy efficiency information. The program hires Mentors from these communities, creating both employment and a trusted bridge for communication. The Energy Mentors share valuable information about energy conservation, efficiency, and savings with their peers.

“At EPCOR, we see value in providing customers tools and resources to support them in making decisions about services and usage that are right for them,” said Jay Baraniecki, EPCOR’s Director of Energy Services. “Our partnership with Empower Me helps ensure we are extending our reach by equipping community members with the information they need to understand their services and bills and to encourage energy efficiency in their homes.”

Program participants can realize energy savings through multilingual education, information on energy conservation programs, and recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades. Program participants receive a free energy saving kit and tips for how to use it in their home.

“Edmonton is a diverse city and becomes more so every day. Statistically we know that members of multilingual and multicultural communities have very low participation in energy efficiency programs due to language barriers, lack of awareness and cultural factors. The Empower Me program will help to ensure that important utility and energy efficiency information is successfully delivered to all Albertan communities, regardless of their Canadian life experience and first language,” said Yasmin Abraham, Managing Director of Empower Me.

Empower Me is inclusive and available to everyone, however services are targeted to multicultural and multilingual residents as well as seniors at specific community events and through translated educational materials. For more information, please visit

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